The Elektro-Optika Ltd. has been formed in the year of 1993. Our outline is to service and repair microscopes, colposcopes and any type of optical instruments in universities, hospitals, health headquarters. Our job is based on our 43 years experience, and on our partnerships. The company is working with eleven people 6 from these people are always going around the country working.
In 1997 we decided to sell optical instruments as well.

We have joined the European Union Quality Insuring system, the DIN EN ISO 9001:2009.

Donwload ISO Certificate: EN ISO 9001:2015

The instruments distributed by us:

  • Biological, scientific, inverse, polarization, phasecontrast, darkfield, fluorescens, microscopes,
  • Gynecological colposcopes,
  • ENT instruments, operation microscopes,
  • Ophthalmological instruments,
  • Dioptria measurement instruments,
  • Refractmeters used by light industry, or food industry.

We are also have digital picture analyzing software. We can offer wide range of digital photocameras, attached to microscopes. For us to give the best quality to our customers, as from the year of 2000.

About our costumers

At the moment we have more than 1300 customers. These are University, Institutes, Industrial and Government Headquarters like, National Oncologist Institute, the Hungarian Medical Corps, the National Animal Health Department, Cardiologycal Institute, the Hungarian Criminal specialist team, Hospitals, pharmaceutical factories like EGIS stock company, Richter Gedeon stock company, our four big University; Semmelweis Medical University, University of Debrecen, The Technical University in Budapest, the University of Pécs etc. We have customers in all the areas that have any contact with microscopes, refractometers or colposcopes.