Euromex NexiusZoom EVO NZ.1703-P


  • trinocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable
  • 23.2 mm focusing tube for connecting a camera


  • WF 10x/23 mm, can be used with glasses
  • Diopter adjustment: +/-5D, both eyepieces
  • Eyedistance adjustment: 54mm – 75mm


  • Zoom ratio:  1 : 6.8
  • Zoom : 0.65 – 5.5x,
  • Total magnification: 6.5-55x
  • Field of view: 34.5mm-4.2mm

Focus system:

  • Focusing system: coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment
  • The inside diameter of the focusing arm: 76 mm
  • Working distance : 110 mm
  • The maximum height of the object, which can be examined with the microscope: 148 mm


  • incident and transmitted 3W LED reflector, with built-in power supply

Accessories in the package:

  • dust cover
  • Subject Clamping Clips
  • user manual
  • Power cable

Product information:

  • Size: 299mm x 256mm x 311mm
  • Weight: 5.3 Kg

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Field of use

Botany, Dermatology, Entomology, Microbiology, Microelectronics testing, Odontotechnics, Oncology, Parasitology, Pathology, Quality control, Textile industry, University, Water Biology


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