Professional CMOS cooled color camera for fluorescence applications
Recommended for professional microscopes, routinary and research level
(on different observation methods)
  • Peltier-cooled to 45°C below camera body temperature for low light
    or advanced applications: a ultra-professional solution with impressive
    capabilities, high sensitivity and low noise
  • C-mount connection for professional microscopes
  • SONY EXMOR CMOS 1” extremely reliable color fidelity sensor
  • USB 3.0 for ultra fast data transfer: high-speed live view camera
    for an incredibly smooth result also at the maximum resolution
  • 20 MP resolution: high resolution, for superb results and vivid details
  • Up to 1 hour long exposure time
  • Including 3 softwares (OPTIKA Vision Lite, OPTIKA Lite View and
    OPTIKA Pro View) for Windows.Lite versions available for Mac OS and Linux
  • Equipped with calibration slide for establishing measurement baselines