Observation Methods: Brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield, fluorescence

Head: Trinocular, 45° inclined, splitting ratios eyepieces/photo tube: 100% – 0% / 0% – 100%

Eyepieces: Plan Extra Wide Field, PL 10x/24 (Ø 30 mm), high eyepoint, with dioptric adjustment

Nosepiece: Quintuple, reversed

Objectives: Fully modular (see options in the accessories chart)

Stage: Fixed, 215×250 mm can be equipped with mechanical (included), 290×250 mm, 120×80 mm movement range

Focusing: Coaxial coarse & fine (200 μm/turn), upper stop, adjustable tension

Transmitted Illumination: X-LED5 (5 W), manual brightness control

Transmitted Light Diaphragms: Field and aperture diaphragms

Incident Illumination: High intensity LEDs (5 W each), motorized LED insertion, manual brightness control

Incident Light Diaphragms: Field diaphragm, centrable

Condenser: N.A. 0.50 Köhler, W.D. 28 mm, rotatable to extend the W.D.

Accessories Included: Centering telescope, phase contrast slider with precentered phase rings, slider with Darkfield stop for dry objectives, LBD daylight filter, IF550 filter