T series balances can be connected to OPTIKA tablet system to become the first moisture analyzer connected to a tablet via Bluetooth/USB.
The result is an intuitive and interactive instrument which increases productivity using the now familiar tablet technology and app philosophy.
OPTIKA Tablet system expands the possibility of OPTIKA moisture analyzers, so that your work becomes more efficient.
The special developed APPlication allows you to:
• Select temperature profile (standard, ramp, fast, steps)
• Store data and drying methods in database
• See the real-time graph of ongoing drying process of the sample
• Send information through local area network or internet
• Also:
• Multi-language (EN-DE-FR-IT-ES-PT)
• Customizable settings
• Internet upgradable
• Intuitive context-sensitive help
Thanks to the large display all informations are displayed at the same time, that is preferable for moisture determination analysis.